2015-2016 Season

 Welcome to Matrix: Coach Matt Ferger!

Matrix is very excited to announce the signing of the Elite coach for the
18’s Matrix Team for 2015-2016 Season:  COACH MATT FERGER

Coach Matt
Coach Matt Ferger comes to us from a very successful season as the Assistant Coach from the University of Colorado –  members of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Division II NCAA. 

Coach Ferger was also a member of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Men’s Volleyball Club 2003-2005.

What has Coach Ferger been doing the last 2 years?
Producing 9 Tri-Peaks League players, 4 All Peak All Area Players, and 2 All State Volleyball Players.  His 4A High School at the Classical Academy
qualified for post season play and finished no less than 2nd in conference in the last 2 years.  Coach Ferger has been producing college bound players, and is very familiar with recruiting on both the high school/club and college side. Coach Ferger also coached the Momentum Club Team 18-1, a top notch club in Colorado – which attended Nationals & finished high.

If you want to be coached by the best, and have lots of college exposure this is the team for you.  

See you at Open Gyms soon as High School season is over.
We are proud to say, last year every one of our Senior’s received a college scholarship offer!  This year we plan on the same!


“Working On It” –  Played their first tournament and brings Great Energy!

OPEN GYMS & SMALL GROUPS – Schedules and times are posted on Facebook page. 

GIRLS:  Girls open gym & Small groups (6th – 8th grade and high school age if you are not playing for your high school team) will be posted.  

Weekly Work Out!
This is a daily workout that should be done minimum 4 days a week.  If possible add in a 1 mile run 3 times a week. Always give it your best!
Equipment needed for workout:Dumbbells 5, 8 or 10 lb. and medicine ball.
Always stretch arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles.
  • 2 min. Light Jog
  • 1 min. Back Pedal
  • 1 min. High Knee Runs
  • 1 min. Slide and glide
  • 1 min. Recover
  • 1 min. side lung with rotation
  • 30 sec. Push-ups with feet on medicine ball
  • 1 min. Modified Burpee
  • 1 min. Sumo squats with press
  • 1 min. Plank
  • 30 sec. Recover
  • 1 min. Squats
  • 30 sec. Split Jumps
  • 1 min Recover
  • 30 sec. High knee run in place
Keep Going!!!
  • 1 min. wall sits
  • 1 min. side plank
  • 1 min Dips with legs straight
  • 1 min. Crazy Ivan’s
  • 1 min. Russian Twist
  • 2 min. single leg deadlift arm curl
  • 30 sec. Recovery
  •  1 min. Medicine Ball Triceps push-ups
  • 1 min. Plank
  • 30 sec. Mountain Climbers
  • 1 min. walking lunges
  • 1 min. Dips with legs straight
  • 30 sec. Squat Jumps
  • 1 min. Standing hamstring stretch
  • 1 min. Lower back stretch
Back to School!
Congratulations to everyone trying out for their school teams. Reminder to all high school girls; once you make your high school team you can no longer participate in any clinics or open gyms until your high school season is over due to the NCAA Rules and Regulations. I would love to come and watch you play some of your school games so please send me copies of schedules either email or text kendra.matrix@gmail.com or 623-313-2574.
Remember to be coach-able and a team player! GOOD LUCK!

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