Welcome to 2014-2015

Matrix Club Volleyball Season

11B  Team Name: Black Ninjas
     Head Coach:  Deana Wiest        Asst: Angie Brown         
     Email: dwiest@cox.net           Email: ryalb04@cox.net

11G  Team Name: Green Lightning
     Head Coach: Sunshine Neville    Asst: Brandon Sparks
     Email: kenna.neville@gmail.com  Email: brandonsparksfamily@gmail.com

13   Team Name: Strikers
     Head Coach: Brandon Sparks     Asst: Justin Robles
     Email: brandonsparksfamily@gmail.com  Email: Jerobles3@hotmail.com
14B  Team Name:
     Head Coach: Steve Solis        Asst: Melissa Washington
     Email: ssolis132@gmail.com     Email: melissaw.matrix@gmail.com

14G  Team Name: Fury 
     Head Coach: Sam Parker         Asst: Oscar Gonzales
     Email: sannp93@yahoo.com       Email: bigogonzales25@gmail.com
15s Team Name: Beast
    Head Coach: Brandon Sparks             Asst: Kendra Ritter
    Email: brandonsparksfamily@gmail.com   Email: kendra.matrix@gmail.com
16s Team Name: 
    Head Coach: Steve Solis          Asst: Meagan Craney
    Email: ssolis132@gmail.com       Email: mecraney@yahoo.com  
18s Team Name: Mafia
    Head Coach: Portia Soto          Asst: Samantha Brinegar
    Email: psoto3@cox.net            Email: samantha.d.brinegar@gmail.com

Calendar Highlights for Month:

Dec. 14th: Bring the Beast:

Scottsdale Volleyball Club, 9171 E. Bell Rd. Suite 102,



Scottsdale Prep Academy,  16537 N. 92nd St. Scottsdale.


Arrive at 7am & Be  ready to play at 8am! 

*Holiday Break 15-28th – No practice at Trinity – Your team moms or coaches will update you on Team Bonding, Sand Volleyball and any scrimmages that will take place during that time*

Dec. 19th: Ref Clinic 11-14s at Valley View Elementary School
8320 S. 7th Ave,. Phx. AZ 85041
from 7pm-9pm

Dec. 20th: Bring the Beast: Championship Division @ Scottsdale Volleyball Club, 9171 E. Bell Rd. Suite 102, and Scottsdale Prep Academy,  16537 N. 9 2nd St. Scottsdale. Be there before 8am…. be ready to play at 8!

Dec. 21st: URBAN OUTREACH Community – Charity Event. Save this date. More info coming soon!

Dec. 15th-28th: Holiday Break – schedule Holiday Parties/Bonding/Scrimmages

Jan. 12th & 13th: Save date for Team Pictures: pictures are opposite days of practice.

    Jan 12th: 11s 6pm, 14B 6:45pm, 15s 7:15p, 14G 7:45pm

    Jan. 13th: 13s 6pm, 18s 6pm, 16s 7pm

Practice Schedule:

Mon & Wed.’s:             Tues. & Thurs:                    Fri.’s:

13s 5:30p-7:30p           11s 5:30p-7:00p             14-18s Conditioning!

18s 5:30p-7:30p           15s 7:00p-9:00p             *Bring plenty of water!

16s 7:30p-9:30p           14B 5:30p-7:30p             *Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!*

                                      14G 7:30-9:30p              *14-18s Mandatory!

Monthly Dues: Mail to:
16772 W. Bell Rd. Ste. 110-158
Surprise, AZ 85374-9702

Looking for Team Mom and/or Dad:

  • Responsibilities and Team Mom/Dad Description (link coming soon)
  • Team Mom/Dad will NOT be handling/responsible for teams monthly dues. All monthly Matrix dues will be mailed to address above.
  • Team Rosters – Kendra will give you a team roster – make sure all information is updated and return.
  • Review AZ Region Tournament Schedule  for playing times and location for your team and share with parents.
  • Snack/Drinks Schedule – Coordinate with parents a Healthy food and drink schedule for players.
    • Players are not leave tournament until all matches and referee assignments have been completed and with coaches permission.
    • Coordinate table, water, drinks, canopies, garbage and paper/plastic supplies.
  • Organize travel packets and collect money for traveling tournaments. (as agreed upon with coach)
  • Team Mom/Dads are not a mediators regarding club, coaches or team.

December Fund Raiser:

Serve-A-Thon – You can start collecting in December and Serve-A-Thon will take place during players scheduled practice on Jan. 5th and on Jan. 6th. 2014-2015 Serve-A-Thon Form

Equipment MATRIX is looking to purchase:

- Hurdles 2 sets of 6   – 3 Jump Boxes   – Jump Ropes (12)     -Medicine Balls (6)  

– Warrior Ropes (3)    – Vertical Measure  – Blocker

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