Welcome to 2014-2015

Matrix Club Volleyball Season

11B  Team Name: Black Ninjas 
Head Coach:  Deana Wiest    Asst: Angie Brown       
Email: dwiest@cox.net       Email: ryalb04@cox.net - 

11G Team Name: Green Lightning 
Head Coach: Sunshine Neville Asst: April Kilpatrick
Email: kenna.neville@gmail.com 
14 White- Team Name: Strikers
Head Coach: Tori West       Asst: Justin Robles 
Email: vrw23@nau.edu        Email: Jerobles3@hotmail.com 
14B Team Name: FLASH
Head Coach: Steve Solis      Asst: Melissa Washington 
Email: ssolis132@gmail.com   Email: melissaw.matrix@gmail.com - 

14G Team Name: Fury 
Head Coach: Sam Parker       Asst: Oscar Gonzales 
Email: sannp93@yahoo.com     Email: bigogonzales25@gmail.com 
15s Team Name: Beast
Head Coach: Brandon Sparks               Asst: Kendra Ritter 
Email: brandonsparksfamily@gmail.com     Email: kendra.matrix@gmail.com
16s Team Name: Speedsterz
Head Coach: Steve Solis          Asst: Kendra Ritter 
Email: ssolis132@gmail.com       Email: kendra.matrix@gmail.com  
18s Team Name: Mafia
Head Coach: Portia Soto         Asst: Samantha Brinegar 
Email: psoto3@cox.net           Email: samantha.d.brinegar@gmail.com

Calendar Highlights for Month:

We are starting a BOYS Volleyball Team!

Boys Spring Season – 14 and Younger – High Performance

Open gym February 2nd and Try Outs February 4th!

Approaching fast so we need to spread the word and get some boys added to the Matrix family!

Season starts March 7th! $20 Try Out fee.

You must be registered with USA Volleyball – AZ Region.


 Monthly dues: 15th of each month – Mail to:
16772 W. Bell Rd. Ste. 110-158
Surprise, AZ 85374-9702


February Fundraiser: Zumba Night on Fri. Feb. 27, 2015. Pre-ticket sale start Feb. 6! Tickets are $10 each! Zumba at Trinity!

March Fundraiser: WAZEE World – 50/50 Raffle – PS4 Raffle – Restaurant and Thrive Raffles…and more! Tickets will be presold for $15 and open to Matrix friends and family only. We will have access to Bouncey House, Neon Golf, Laser Tag and video games. More info coming soon!


Equipment MATRIX is looking to purchase:

- Hurdles 2 sets of 6   – 3 Jump Boxes   – Jump Ropes (12)     -Medicine Balls (6)  

- Warrior Ropes (3)    – Vertical Measure  – Blocker

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